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Evans reveals future Marvel commitments

Chris Evans has admitted that he was initially hesitant about signing up to play the role of Captain America in upcoming Marvel Comics projects due to the sheer amount of commitment that the studio expected from him.

The former Fantastic Four actor was unveiled as the company's Captain America in March last year, but recently said that he reduced the number of films he was signing up for during negotiations.

"At one point it was nine pictures," Evans told Total Film. "We got it down to six, but still, that's making a decision for a big portion of your life."

Colin Firth to star in 'My Fair Lady'?

Sony Pictures has reportedly revealed its top choice for the role of Professor Henry Higgins in a remake of My Fair Lady.

Though the studio originally wanted Hugh Grant for the role, Sony would now like The King's Speech star and Oscar nominee Colin Firth to play the professor, reports the Daily Mail.

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole 'quit X Factor'

Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole have allegedly decided not to return to the next UK series of The X Factor.

The News of the World reports that the judging pair, who have been tipped to work together on the US show's panel, made it clear to ITV bosses that they will not have time to appear on both programmes.

Cowell is quoted by a 'friend' as saying: "I'm committed to the American show and I'm not going to do both."

Neeson's 'Unknown' tops US box office

Liam Neeson's new action thriller Unknown has managed to top the US box office this weekend, opening with $21.8 million.

Entering just behind in second place is the much-hyped teen sci-fi adaptation I am Number Four, starring English actor Alex Pettyfer and Glee's Dianna Agron, which took $19.5 million for its opening weekend.

Holding its place in third for the second week in a row with a strong $19.4 million is the animated Shakespeare re-imagining Gnomeo & Juliet, followed by last week's box-office topper Just Go With It, which took $18.2 million.

Amanda Seyfried, Ryan Phillippe 'split'

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Philippe have reportedly split.

The Mamma Mia and Cruel Intentions actors were romantically linked for three months.

A source told Us Magazine: "They are not dating anymore, and it’s not a big deal for either of them."

Another claimed that their relationship was casual: "They're friends who hang out romantically from time to time and that's it. At one point, there was a chance it would develop into something more serious, but it never did. There's no commitment."

Winstead for 'Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has signed to appear in forthcoming feature Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World actress will play Lincoln's wife Mary Todd in the horror picture, reports Variety.

Robin McLeavy was previously rumoured for the role, but Winstead has now officially won the part.

Winstead joins Benjamin Walker, Anthony Mackie and Dominic Cooper in the movie, based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith.

Liam blames Noel for Oasis split

Liam Gallagher has claimed that his brother Noel was responsible for the break-up of Oasis.

In an interview with The Guardian, Liam said that his sibling had acted like a "little b*tch".

Recalling the band's final tour in 2009, Gallagher said: "I kind of felt it was winding up, man. There was loads of little things going on. Noel was removing himself from the band, travelling separately, even though they [the media] were saying I was.

"And you couldn't speak to the f**ker. Minute you brought something up, it was just a stony-faced, 'What are you gonna do about it?'

Roger Ebert picks best art films of 2010

Roger Ebert has released his list of the best art films of 2010.

On his Chicago Sun-Times blog, the esteemed critic wrote: "I can't precisely define an Art Film, but I knew I was seeing one when I saw these."

The films on Ebert's list include filmmakers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost's Catfish, director Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, Leaves of Grass starring Edward Norton, and Blue Valentine starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.

Larry King: 'CNN oversold Piers Morgan'

Larry King has suggested that CNN "oversold" Pier Morgan's ability to attract a large viewing audience.

King, who was replaced by Morgan on CNN, told BBC Radio 4's PM that he believes network executives made an error in the way they marketed Piers Morgan Tonight.

"I think one of the problems they did was over-sell it," he said. "He was going to be dangerous, he was going to be water cooler talk."

King added: "He's good but not that dangerous. I think they might have been better off starting quietly and that's not Piers' fault, or maybe it is - I'm not inside anymore."

Harry Potter Writer Steve Kloves Boards Akira

Warner Bros. has hired "Harry Potter" franchise screenwriter Steve Kloves to polish the script for the studio's big screen Akira adaptation, reports Variety.

The latest version of the script was written by Albert Torres, with earlier drafts by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and Gary Whitta.

Albert Hughes will direct the movie, based on Katsuhiro Otomo's graphic novel set in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran of Appian Way will produce along with Hughes and his brother, Allen Hughes.

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