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Gong Li Promotes 'Shanghai' in South Korea

entertainmentGong Li Promotes 'Shanghai' in South Korea

Chinese actress Gong Li arrived in South Korea to promote her WWII spy thriller "Shanghai" ("Die Hai Feng Yun"), in which she co-stars with Chow Yun-Fat and John Cusack, reports.

In the film, Gong Li plays a woman who works for the Chinese resistance group fighting Japanese invaders. It was released in Chinese cinemas on June 17, 2010.

Chinese Hostess Invited to Star in Tarantino's New Movie

entertainmentChinese Hostess Invited to Star in Tarantino's New Movie

Source says that Chinese bilingual hostess Zhu Zhu has been invited to star in a movie produced by famous director Quentin Tarantino, reports.

The report says that Zhu won the invitation because of her excellent performance in the Chinese romance movie "What Women Want" ("Wo Zhi Nv Ren Xin").

Wu Chun and Hangeng gaze lovingly at each other for movie

entertainmentSince last month, Wu Chun has been filming together with Hangeng in Shanghai, China for "My Kingdom" (or "Tales from the Beijing Opera"/ 大武生 Da Wu Sheng). In the movie, the two act as a pair of disciples under the same master aka brothers. Since the two were both slow to warm up to people and hadn't met each other before, the director had to think of ways to quickly train their understanding of each other.

'Color Me. Love' Postpones Release Date

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The public release of the urban romantic comedy "Color Me. Love" ("Ai Chu Se") starring Yao Chen and Liu Ye has been postponed to early November, the New Express Daily reports.

The original October 28 release date had been pushed ahead to November 5, because of unexpected post-production work.

'Buddha Mountain' Poster Released

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Producers of the Chinese film "Buddha Mountain" ("Guanyin Shan") have released some behind-the-scenes stills and a movie poster in preparation for its screening at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The film will compete for the top prize against 14 other films at the festival, which runs from Oct. 23 until Oct. 31.

Huang Xiaoming Teams Up with Angelababy in New Film

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Huang Xiaoming Teams Up with Angelababy in New Film

Chinese mainland actor Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong model Angelababy will co-star in the film "A Sentimental Story," reports.

Jackie Chan Produces 'The Break-up Artist'

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Jackie Chan is producing a romantic film titled "The Break-up Artist" ("Fen Shou Da Ren") that will hit Chinese cinemas next Valentine's Day, reports.

The film stars actress Lin Peng as a woman who runs an agency that helps estranged couples break up peacefully.

Jackie Chan introduced Lin Peng to the spotlight with the film "Little Big Soldier" ("Da Bing Xiao Jiang"), for which he was also the executive producer.

Can Shu Qi really act?

how to make-up by Chen Nan, Diva Asia

Hong Kong's Hsu Chi has traveled a long way from her difficult days of the mid-90s. Her latest box office hit, a kungfu thriller, is further proof of her versatility. Chen Nan reports

Crossdressing Super Boy releases debut EP

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After his composure and natural beauty made him one of the most popular Super Boys of the year, Liu Zhu recently released his debut EP Matchless 无双, or One of a Kind. Other than title song Matchless, the other fours songs in his EP are all self-compositions, including Piao 飘, Chocolate Relationship 巧克力关系, After Before 从前以后 and Steal my heart 偷走我的心. Liu Zhu is a current composition major in the Sichuan Conservatory of music.

Celebs plugging bad products could be liable under proposed law change

SICHUAN, China : Advertising regulations may change to allow celebrity spokespersons to be held liable if the advertisement contains false claims and misguides consumers, reported Chinese media.

Vice Minister Liu Fan of China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce revealed during an advertising industry forum in Sichuan on Sunday that the regulatory body has proposed changes to existing advertising laws.

One of the highlights of the proposed changes to Chinese Advertisement Law includes making celebrity spokespersons more responsible for the endorsement deals they take on.

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