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Selina Jen’s wedding put on hold indefinitely Tuesday February 22, 2011 Taiwan

entertainmentThe Taiwanese pop starlet's fiancé reportedly did not want to put pressure on her

Recently, it was reported that Taiwanese singer Selina Jen's father requested her fiancé Richard Chang to postpone the couple's wedding, so as to let Selina recuperate.

On the evening of Feb 20, Richard finally announced that the couple's wedding would be put on hold indefinitely.

Patty Hou confirms April wedding Tuesday February 22, 2011 Taiwan

entertainmentSource: MSN Entertainment

The Taiwanese host finally acknowledged that she would be marrying this year

At a press conference for a New Year's Eve concert last year, Taiwanese veteran host Xu Nai Lin revealed that Patty Hou would be holding her wedding in April this year.

SS501's Park Jung Min to star in idol drama

entertainmentSS501's Park Jung Min to star in idol drama

Source: Nextmedia

Kpop idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, has plans to stay in Taiwan for quite a while as he will start filming a Taiwanese drama in May. He excitedly said, "Hopefully, the crew will arrange for many different shooting sites so that I can also do some sightseeing."

Selina Jen’s fiancé wishes to keep original wedding date

entertainmentSelina Jen’s fiancé wishes to keep original wedding date
The Taiwanese pop starlet’s father on the other hand, hopes for the wedding to be postponed
MSN Entertainment

Taiwanese singer Selina Jen and fiancé Richard Chang had planned to wed on April 1 this year but it looks like the plans might be in jeopardy following Selena's on-set accident.

Vivian Hsu’s tough road to true love

entertainmentVivian Hsu’s tough road to true love
The singer-actress and her businessman boyfriend supposedly face opposition from the latter’s family

Last year, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu announced she was single after a split from Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.

Super Junior-M to release new Chinese language album, Taiwan to get a look of “Too Perfect” first

entertainmentSuper Junior-M to release new Chinese language album, Taiwan to get a look of “Too Perfect” first

Source: Yahoo Taiwan
Thanks to chunny @ SJ-WORLD.NET for the heads up!
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Selina Jen turns up for celebration parties

entertainmentThe Taiwanese singer surprised her colleagues when she turned up for their year-end banquet with her band mates

Taiwanese starlet Selina Jen was finally discharged last Wednesday, after an on-set accident which left her severely burnt.

Angela Chang suspected of being cursed by friend

entertainmentThe Taiwanese singer's uncle accused her of lacking filial piety

"If she (Angela Chang) ever brought a cent home, I'll be knocked down by a car. If she's ever given any money [to her parents before], I'll die without an offspring," Taiwanese singer Angela Chang's uncle had declared.

A few days ago, Angela was accused of lacking filial piety when her uncle Jiang Li Le said that the singer did not even know where her parents were staying.

He's Asia's superhero

entertainmentIT WAS in Los Angeles' Chinatown that Hollywood comic Seth Rogen finally got a taste of just how famous Taiwanese pop sensation Jay Chou is.

The co-stars of the new superhero movie The Green Hornet were filming a scene in an apartment there.

The 28-year-old Canadian actor-writer told The New Paper: 'Though we've heard of Jay's massive popularity among the Chinese community, we didn't know how big he really was...(until we) witnessed it for ourselves.'

Cyndi Wang Becomes A Baker In New GTV Drama With Mike He

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