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JYJ Win Legal Battle with Former Management

entertainmentJYJ, formed by three former members of boy band TVXQ, are now officially on their own and no longer under the influence of their former management agency SM Entertainment.

The Seoul Central District Court on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit filed by SM Entertainment against JYJ over what the band said was an unfair contract between the two parties. JYJ asked the court in 2008 to suspend the contract, and the court agreed, but SM Entertainment brought an injunction.

Ku Hye-sun Returns to Director's Chair

entertainmentActress Ku Hye-sun is preparing to take the reins of another film one year after making her directing debut with "Magic." Entitled "Peach Tree," her new movie will star Nam Sang-mi and Ryu Duk-hwan in a story about conjoined twins.

Ryu will play one of the twins who competes against his brother for a woman played by Nam. The actor playing the other twin has yet to be decided.

Does Wooyoung look like a bird? JYP gave admission.

entertainmentDoes 2PM Wooyoung look like a bird?

Big Bang's Ice Cream "Hallyu" advancing into the food sector

entertainmentHallyu (Korean wave) is now advancing into the food sector in Japan. Korean stars who endorse food products seem to have also captured the taste of Japanese consumers.

SNU confirms plagiarism for ‘Queen Seondeok’ drama

entertainmentThe popular MBC drama "Queen Seondeok," which completed its run in 2009, is facing a fresh round of plagiarism allegations.

According to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors' Office on Tuesday, the Seoul National University Center for Law and Technology confirmed that the television drama plagiarized the script of the musical, "Queen of Mugunghwa, Seondeok."

Park Jungmin: I’m Not Alone

entertainmentHe’s now on himself as aside from the five like before.

Park Jungmin who has stood forth in his solo activities for the first time outside of SS501. Because of the burden from going ‘alone’, he even developed insomnia; despite that, he embraces the excitement with regards to a ‘brand new start’ with his stepping forth alone.

Star Interview ~ SS501 Kim Kyu Jong doubles as an actor, Learning to be an actor since last year “See you on TV shortly”

entertainmentStraight set of teeth, bright smile, and above all, a good-natured pair of eyes… SS501’s member Kim KyuJong is like a little prince. He did not lose his humbleness even when he is a star who receives the spotlights on himself on the stage. His mind as it is, is like hidden in one word, in one smile.

Big Bang comeback on 24th, are you trembling music industry?

entertainmentOn the 14th, YG revealed Bigbang’s comeback teaser image on YG’s official blog and announced that ‘on February 24 Bigbang’s 4th Mini Album will be released’. Bigbang after releasing their second full album with ‘Sunset Glow’ as its title track in November 2008, the members caused sensations in the music industry through their solo and unit activities.

Daesung's debut drama What's Up will be aired on March 21st

entertainmentBig Bang’s Daesung was completely transformed into an aspiring actor without any regrets, by using his singing and dancing skills!”

Big Bang’s Daesung has become a topic for his debut as an actor in musical drama, “What’s Up!”.
‘What’s Up’ is a campus drama that will depict the dreams and loves of students in musical studies.

Lee Seung-gi To Target Japan In March

entertainmentPopular star Lee Seung-gi will be getting a lot busier starting March. His next target country Japan.

Lee's management company announced on the 15th, "Lee is planning on entering into the Japanese entertainment market starting in March. There are no specific plans as of yet. Also, it hasn't been decided whether these future plans will affect his roles in the shows "1Night 2 Days" and "Strong Heart".

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