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EEG Signs Mag Lam and Dumps Yumiko Cheng Thursday February 24, 2011 Hong Kong

entertainmentEEG Signs Mag Lam and Dumps Yumiko Cheng

Excerpt from Face Magazine #196
Credits: Jayne @

At the Spring Celebratory Dinner held on February 14th, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) officially announced that the company signed The Voice 2 <超級巨聲>winner, Mag Lam Yan Tung, for four years. EEG will jointly share the management contract with TVB, who discovered Mag’s talent. Throughout the entire evening, EEG owner, Albert Yeung, often accompanied Mag and introduced her to the guests present.

Since winning The Voice 2, Mag Lam has been extremely popular and appeared at numerous promotional events. Her appearance fee has increased to $80,000 (HKD) per event, matching hot model, Chrissie Chau Sau Na! Many music companies fought to sign Mag due to her powerful vocals. However TVB picked EEG for her music contract.

EEG Dedicating All Resources in Promoting Mag Lam in 2011

EEG vowed that it will spend millions to promote Mag into a big star! An inside source at EEG stated, “Last week, Albert Yeung held a confidential conference. He stated explicitly that all of the company’s resources in 2011 will be dedicated to promote Mag Lam. Mr. Yeung will even cast Mag in a new film. Vincy Chan and Sherman Chung will not have new albums released this year. Gillian Chung will focus on filming in China . Aside from Joey Yung and Charlene Choi continuing their music and film careers, other female artists will have far less opportunities!”

Perhaps Mag did not know how much EEG valued her. Mag said, “TVB chose the EEG contract for me. I don’t know the length nor price of the contract. I am just interested in producing music I like!”

Yumiko Cheng Sacrificed at EEG

With Mag joining EEG, many second-line female artists’ careers were threatened. This included 29-year-old Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, who joined EEG in 2002. With Mag’s alleged $4 million (HKD) EEG contract, Yumiko may be one of the first artists let go by the company. With her contract expiring soon, Yumiko’s popularity was at an all-time low. Sales for her music albums have been terrible. Allegedly, Yumiko was disgruntled with EEG and even spoke poorly about the company in front of other people. As a result, Albert Yeung has decided not to renew Yumiko’s contract.

A one-time hot car model, Yumiko had two accidental exposure incidents revealing her nipple and thong-clad butt in 2007 and 2006 respectively. Since 2008, Yumiko has not released any music albums. Last year, she started filming series in China , abandoning the Hong Kong market. Allegedly, Yumiko was upset that EEG did not put in their best efforts to promote her.

Yumiko Cheng has been dating wealthy make-up artist, Andy Leung for the last six years. The couple currently live together in a luxury apartment in Sai Kung. The monthly rent is $60,000 (HKD). Yumiko was spotted frequently driving her boyfriend’s $50,000 (HKD) Audi TT sports car.

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