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Andy Lau and Deanie Yip Rejoin in 'Tao Jie' Thursday February 24,2011 Hong Kong

entertainmentAndy Lau and Deanie Yip Rejoin in 'Tao Jie'
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Singer-actor Andy Lau will return to the silver screen this time together with his godmother, actress Deanie Yip, in director Ann Hui's next project, "Tao Jie", the Beijing News reports.

Andy Lau co-starred with Deanie Yip in "The Truth" in 1988 and enacted a very touching on-screen mother-son relationship.

Inspired by a true life story, the movie depicts a heart-warming relationship between a young master, Roger by Andy Lau, and his long-term nurse, Tao Jie by Deanie Yip.

Although it is 23 years since their last collaboration, Deanie Yip was excited about this opportunity, saying it was just like yesterday and they don't need time to get along when it comes to acting.

The senior actress decided not to dye her hair black in two months to retain the natural look of an aging senior in the movie.

Earlier, under the arrangement of Ann Hui, both of Deanie Yip and Andy Lau visited a nursing home to meet elders, who were former housemaids, to understand their feelings and work experiences. Lau also got to meet the real Roger and they discussed history of Tao Jie, which will help him get into the character.

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