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Stefanie Sun has a twin sister?

entertainmentStefanie Sun has a twin sister?
A photo of the local songbird and her younger sister was recently posted online
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A twin sister no one knew about?

Recently, a photo of "two Stefanie Suns" was uploaded to a Chinese website. In the photo, the two "Stefanies" stood closely together and were dressed in similar styles of clothing with similar makeup and hair styles.

Anyone would have mistaken it for a photoshopped photo if they did not look carefully.

The photo turned out to be a bona fide one; it was actually a picture of Stefanie and her younger sister Sng Ee-Mei, who is six years her junior. The siblings, who look amazingly identical, seem to share a close bond.

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and Cantopop diva Sammi Cheng were also said to have mistaken Ee-Mei for Stefanie.

Stefanie had previously shared a story of mistaken identity on talk show Here Comes Kang Xi.

According to the actress, her sister was buying things at a shop when the shopkeeper apparently asked, "Are you Stefanie Sun? If you are, then I won't charge you for it". Ee-Mei quickly said she was and eventually got her stuff for free.

Many netizens who have seen the photo commented that Stefanie and her younger sister shared a 90 per cent similarity in looks.

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