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Penny Dai's close friend Malaysian singer Yi Jet Qi was ATM card thief Wednesday February 23, 2011 Taiwan

entertainmentPenny Dai's close friend Malaysian singer Yi Jet Qi was ATM card thief

Source : Channel NewsAsia

KUALA LUMPUR: Penny Dai's close friend, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yi Jet Qi admitted Tuesday he was the man who stole her Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card and withdrew NT$300,000 (S$13,000) from her account, reported Malaysian media.

"I, Yi Jie Qi am filled with regret and remorse over what I have done to my good friend Penny Dai. I am grateful for her magnanimity she and the public had shown."

"Earnestly facing up to my past mistakes is now my only resolution and I will do everything I can to face it (his mistake) and take responsibility," said Yi in a video clip he posted on Facebook.

Yi's manager has confirmed that the 38-year-old singer was indeed guilty of stealing Dai's ATM card, explaining that Yi had run into financial problems after the release of his new album hit a snag due to copyright complications.

Yi, a talented songwriter who had previously written songs for superstars like Hong Kong's 'God of Song' Jacky Cheung and Taiwan pop princess Jolin Tsai, was scheduled to release his new album "How Are You!" on Tuesday.

However, Yi's manager said the recent chain of events and the singer's subsequent confession left him an emotional wreck, and made it impossible to release his album as planned.

Yi's fellow Malaysian singers Fish Leong, Victor Wong and Michael Wong told Malaysian media they were shocked and hurt after finding out about Yi's admission of guilt.

"Very shocking! I find it hard to believe," said Michael Wong.

"If he had some difficulties, why didn't he say something?" said Victor Wong.

Dai, who photographed Yi for the cover of his album "How Are You!", had previously expressed that she has already forgiven Yi for his betrayal.

"Since I have chosen to forgive him, I won't respond [to queries about the credit card theft] any further. Thank you everyone for your concern," said Dai in a Sunday post on her Facebook page.


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