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Wayne Lai goes very Chok for game show; Anita Yuen too exaggerated top started slipping off Tuesday February 22, 2011 Hong Kong

Wayne Lai goes very Chok for game show; Anita Yuen too exaggerated top started slipping off
Tuesday February 22, 2011 Hong Kong
Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

The new TVB game show Gorgeous Star Competition (華麗明星賽) hosted by the band, Grasshopper was recording for it's first episode last night and invited Wayne Lai, Anita Yuen, Christine Ng, and Michael Wong as the guests. The stars all dressed up to meet their enemies head on. On stage, they battle with all the Chok looks, Wayne joked that he's in the idol group and that his Chok look can compare to Raymond Lam. Anita Yuen was too into the game that her top started sliding off, she quickly pulled it back up.

The game show is focused on the theme of being gorgeous, the hosts are the three Grasshopper members Remus Choi, Calvin Choi and Edmond So. They battled among themselves, in gorgeous clothing and bickering. Remus and Calvin invited Christine and Anita respectively as guests, Edmond's guests came in two - Wayne and Michael. Calvin teased that they were afraid the show won't have enough weight.

The show started off with a game for warm-up. The guests had to follow the music and a number sequence to pose in front of the 8 cameras in the studio. They played very openly. Wayne posed for a very Chok look, while Christine pretended as if she's a model doing a catwalk and even took off her coat to reveal some meat with a grimace expression on her face. Because Anita's poses were too exaggerated, her top started to slip off. She quickly pulled it up and appeared in a troubled situation, she joked: "If my top wasn't like that, I would have got them all! (the camera sequence)" Results, Wayne and Christine got 7 of the camera sequences. Wayne gave a Chok pose and looked very into it, he laughed: "I've always been Chok! (More than Raymond Lam?) I think we're about the same, I'm currently in the idol group!"

In the next game, Michael sang an English song, Wayne saw this and joked: "Let me sing The Flying Dagger to counterattack you." Michael then changed to sing Love For A Star (游龍戲鳳) and a Thai song to get him back. It was a hilarious scene.

The next game had three different red wines worth three different prices. The guests will have to choose the most expensive one. Michael doesn't know how to drink red wine, so he used his nose to smell it. Anita teased him because of this: "Tseung Kwan O's Police Dog!" In the end, no one was able to guess the most expensive wine, which was worth HK$50,000. Anita and Christine were unwilling to admit to lost, Anita said the good wine had a salted fermented oil taste, and Christine felt the wine went bad, expired.

The guests were also tested for the 'The Star of Tomorrow'. Wayne felt that the most important is outer appearance, the ability to look out for yourself is the next.

Anita wants a natural pregnancy, no IVF

Also, a magazine exposed that Anita is picking a lucky day to have a daughter. She said that she personally goes pay respects to the Tai Shui and definitely have wishes when entering the temple. However, having a baby is left for the heavens to decide, let nature take its course. She hopes to enjoy the whole process, and don't want to use other methods to conceive. It's just her husband Chilam Cheung is busy, she laughed: "Could it be possible for parthenogenesis?" (TN: Parthenogenesis - asexual reproduction, embryos form without fertilization)

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