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Theme Song MV of 'Buddha Mountain' Released Wednesday February 23,2011 China

entertainmentTheme Song MV of 'Buddha Mountain' Released
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The music video of "Ci", the theme song of the Chinese film "Buddha Mountain" ("Guan Yin Shan"), was released in Beijing on Sunday, February 20, 2011.

Director Li Yu, actress and the song's singer Fan Bingbing, actor Berlin Chen, and the composer Mavis Fan, arrived for the debut show.

"The song is the gift presented by Mavis Fan, Han Han and me for 'Buddha Mountain'; it's supposed to be the only time we three collaborate together," Fan Bingbing said.

Popular writer Han Han is the lyricist for the theme song. He was listed by British magazine "New Statesman" as 48th on a list of "The World's 50 Most Influential Figures 2010".

"Hot blood, no matter where to throw, the youth will be ended after all," is one of the lyrics resonating among audiences at the press conference. "We three crazy kids just do something we want to do for our youth through the song," Fan Bingbing explained.

"Buddha Mountain", starring Fan Bingbing, Sylvia Chang and Berlin Chen, won the Award for Best Artistic Contribution at the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival last year. Fan received the Award for Best Actress.

The film is set for release in China on March 4.

By Yang Liu

Click to watch "Buddha Mountain" trailer.

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