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Kristen Jen rumoured to replace Selina Jen in drama Tuesday February 22, 2011 Taiwan

entertainmentTaiwanese pop star Selina Jen's younger sister was reportedly offered her role in drama, I Have a Date with Spring

Last October, an accident, on the set of drama I Have a Date with Spring, left Taiwanese pop starlet Selina Jen severely burnt. She is currently still recuperating and the drama has been on hold for four months now.

On Feb 19, it was rumoured that the script for the drama had been changed and the director hoped Selina's younger sister Kristen Jen would play the female lead. The news apparently angered the siblings' father.

It was reported that the production crew had initially wanted to start all over, Selina had only done five days worth of shoot.

After taking account the public's feelings, the crew decided to rewrite the script to incorporate Selina's scenes instead. Kristen Jen was then supposedly offered the role, where the character would live on with a "different face".

When interviewed, the former director of I Have a Date with Spring said that he had no knowledge regarding the reshooting of the drama and added that "if the drama is being shot now, I can't leave either. I have other commitments".

Kristen's record company HIM International commented that they had previously heard such rumours, but had not receive any formal invitation.

Father Jen also refuted rumours saying he was furious about Kristen replacing Selina's role in I Have a Date with Spring via text message, saying that "there was no such thing. Thank you very much for your concern".

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