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'Eternal Moment' Tells Romantic Tale of Three Cities

entertainment'Eternal Moment' Tells Romantic Tale of Three Cities
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Twelve years ago, a Chinese TV drama named "Cherish Our Love Forever" ("Jiang Aiqing Jinxing Daodi") won instant fame among young people and was viewed by many as a bible of love.

Last year when director Zhang Yibai announced his plan to shoot a big-screen sequel to the drama with the same cast, fans began to guess the ending of the love story when the characters would be in their 30s.

Zhang unveiled the answer with the release of a final trailer at a press conference on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 in Beijing.

And it turns out that there is not just one ending, but three.

In the movie, the story offers three different endings for the two lovebirds, each occurring separately in three cities - Beijing, Shanghai and Bordeaux, France.

Lead actor Li Yapeng introduced the three endings of the story at the press conference.

"The first ending of the story is about a seven-year itch. It is set in Beijing. Yang Zheng and Wen Hui get married and live together. Yang stays away from home for several days. But Wen ignores him and appears unconcerned about his disappearance. Yang then uses a telescope to spy on Wen's everyday life."

"The second ending is a homecoming party in Shanghai. The ex-lovers Yang Zheng and Wen Hui meet again at a homecoming party. Usually, people joke that homecoming parties are a chance for ex-lovers to revisit their feelings. The story was based upon our lives. The last ending completely echoes the theme of the film, which is to cherish our love forever."

In 1998, the TV drama was a great success on the Chinese mainland after it struck a chord with young people.

Xu Jinglei, the lead actress, talks about the differences between the TV version and the film version.

"The film is about the difficulties and dilemmas one must encounter in life, in reality, and especially in marriage. Usually the tale ends with a prince and princess living happily ever after, but the film exposes new problems that occur after their marriage."

While the film offers three possible outcomes for the couple, Xu Jinglei says only one of the stories has a definite ending, arousing the curiosity of the audience.

The film will be released nationwide on February 12.

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